23 of Britney Spears's Best Workout Photos and Videos

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23 of Britney Spears's Best Workout Photos and Videos

Britney Spears is no stranger to the gym. At this point it's common knowledge, mostly because she loves to take workout selfies as much as she loves to work out. And you really can't blame her, because she clearly has taking flawless photos down to a science.

But selfie skills aside, even the best angles can't replicate the product of sheer hard work and dedication, and it's undeniable that Spears, a mom of two, has a killer body.

We've rounded up some of her best workout-related posts, from post-gym selfies like the one above to mid-workout videos. Click through to check the rest out.

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The top comment on this video is, “She invented having legs,” and that just about sums it up.

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Spears' “getting ready for summer” is pretty much everyone else's dream summer bod.

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Watching Spears do some outdoor yoga to the tune of Cardi B's “I Like It” would make anyone want to get out in the sun for a workout. 

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Dancing is clearly Spears' true passion, but she doesn't hesitate to knock out some serious strength moves at the gym.

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Every gym rat knows that switching up your workouts is key. In preparation for her Piece of Me tour, Spears did just that.

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Even the fittest workout junkies need to rest every once in a while, and even Spears admits to enjoying some down time from her fitness regimen.

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Plenty of people use travel as an excuse to skip workouts, but Spears committed to doing a couple hours of yoga in each of her hotel rooms.

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Spears gave us some serious abs inspiration with this perfect workout selfie. It's not clear what she was working on during this gym session, but we're willing to bet core work is a part of her routine more often than not.  

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Everyone loves a good outdoor workout in the summer, and Spears is no exception.

The singer posted this video to her Instagram and gave everyone some motivation to get outdoors.

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On her apparent quest to inspire everyone to get up and get a workout in, Spears posted this video along with the selfie above. Of course, her home gym is the perfect backdrop for a mirror selfie.

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Not all workouts have to involve weights, as Spears shows in this video of her dancing in the gym.

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Spears is known for her insane dance skills, so it only makes sense that stretching is a staple in her routine. 

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Stretching has never looked so good. Then again, Spears seems to look great no matter what she's doing, so we're not surprised that stretching is no different.

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It looks like Spears is all about mindfulness and “owning her body through yoga”.

And she's on the right track, since those practices can be beneficial to your life as a whole.

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At least one of Spears' fitness secrets is consistency, and she'll get a workout in no matter what else she's got going on.

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An early-morning workout is a great way to start the day, and it looks like Spears agrees.

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The pop star appears to be gearing up for summer with some serious flexibility exercises, and compound moves. Take a look at this workout video. 

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Spears isn't afraid to get some weight training in at the gym, either.

And she's got her trainer standing by, so you know she's all about good form.

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It may not be a gym snap, but Spears' stage outfit shows off her curves and makes us want to knock out an abs workout.

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How many backflips can you nail in one workout? 

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In the caption of this post, Spears attributes a five-pound weight loss to stress, but we bet her fitness routine also has something to do with it.

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Spears looks fitter than ever in a selfie where she rocks tiny white shorts that show off her toned midsection and legs. Hit both your abs and glutes with this intense workout.

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Spears can accomplish moves today that she couldn't when she was a kid, and we can't say we aren't a little bit jealous. 

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